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Customer Relationships

At LTL Creative, we recognize that strong customer relationships are the bedrock of a successful business. Our expertise extends beyond traditional digital marketing to help you foster lasting connections with your customers. Explore how our approach to Scripting and Training, along with CRM Implementation, can revolutionize your customer interactions.

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Scripting and Training

Pain Points

  • Inconsistent customer interactions affecting brand perception.

  • Lack of standardized responses leading to confusion.

  • Difficulty in maintaining a personalized touch as your business scales.

Our Method

  • Comprehensive assessment of your current customer interaction processes.

  • Customized scripting and training programs for your customer-facing teams.

  • Ongoing refinement based on feedback and evolving customer needs.

Expected Impact

  • Consistent and aligned customer interactions.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction due to personalized and accurate responses.

  • Improved brand perception through exceptional customer experiences.

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Closing a Deal

CRM Implementation

Pain Points

  • Disorganized customer data hindering targeted marketing efforts.

  • Inefficient tracking of customer interactions affecting follow-ups.

  • Difficulty in understanding customer behavior and preferences.

Our Method

  • Thorough evaluation of your business needs and goals.

  • Selection and customization of a CRM system aligned with your requirements.

  • Implementation and integration of CRM to streamline customer data and interactions.

Expected Impact

  • Enhanced customer insights driving more personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Improved lead tracking and follow-up leading to increased conversions.

  • Better understanding of customer behavior for more informed business decisions.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Ferrari of Alberta

Ferrari Client

Ferrari is one of the most powerful brands in the world and our digital marketing needs to live up to the same standards. LTL Creative exceeded those expectations.

Turo Rental Truck_edited.jpg
  • 4x more clients in the last 6 months

  •  43.2% of overall social media impressions in the last 30 days

Alfa Calgary Logo.png
  • 8728 website visitors per Q1 

  • 39% of account engagement on Instagram 

  • 1090 weekly emailer opened

  • 17.5% of gained followers in the last 30 days

  • 10,000 Instagram accounts reached

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