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Ferrari 296 GTS Reveal 2022

Ferrari of Alberta debuting the evolution of Ferrari's mid-engine electric motor hybrid, the 296 GTS. With the help of the sponsors and staff, LTL Creative successfully managed to host a large-scale event for Ferrari of Alberta with about 120 attendees in an 8-million-dollar mansion located in the deep southwest of Calgary, Alberta. 

Left and right, joy and excitement circulated the event's atmosphere. The event garnered high-profile attendees to network with one another, making it a prosperous evening for Ferrari and guests. Entertainment and food were also part of LTL's Experience to elevate the crowd's excitement.


This fantastic evening could not have been possible without LTL Creative’s perfect marketing strategy. Executing the proper planning and consultations ensured the event’s success and the attendee’s pleasure. By exceeding expectations at every turn, the 296 GTB reveal event received widespread acclaim and established LTL Creative as a premiere events and experiences provider.


Live Music

Food & Beverage

VIP Club Car Pick Up Service

Indoor Swimming Pool

Auctions for Charity

Networking Rooms

Entertainment Area

Putting Practise


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